Cooling trap CA301/801

Max. dehumidification

0.9kg(Water type liquid)

1.0kg(Water type liquid)

Efficiently traps water vapor and toxic substances
discharged from vacuum oven and rotary evaporator to protect the vacuum pump

  • Excellent choice to extract acid and organic solvents with the
    optional glass condenser
  • Efficiently reduces vapor inhalation amount to the vacuum pump
  • Can be used as a low temperature tank as well as pre-cooling
  • Utilizes R404A (CA301) and R600a and mixed coolants (CA801)
  • Space saving and highly mobile on wheels

Freeze dryer DC401/801

Trap cooling



Internal capcaity: 


  • A safety mechanism that automatically leaks the vacuum path when the power is turned off or the power goes out prevents the backflow
    of vacuum oil.
  • Ice can be refrozen and removed smoothly from the vessel by Hot Gas Bypass System
  • The Pirani vacuum gauge enables high-precision freeze drying.
  • A service outlet for the vacuum pump linked to the safety valve is provided.
  • The DC801 model uses a non-fluorocarbon refrigerant.