Operating temp. range


Temp. distribution accuracy 

±1.0°C (at 37°C)

Internal capcaity: 

97L  IS401

159L IS601

318L IS801

567L IS901

Natural convection incubators equipped with various functions.


  • Air-jacket method makes it possible to obtain uniform temperature
  • Fixed temperature, Quick auto stop, Auto stop, Auto start, Program
    functions are available.
  • Program function: 3 segments, 30 steps.
  • Samples can be observed through the inner door
  • Safety device includes self-diagnosis, key lock and earth leakage
  • Various optional system upgrade such as external communication
    terminal and time up output terminal.
  • Models IS401/601 stackable
  • Operation before power failure can be resumed.

Low temperature incubator

Operating temp.

+5°C~ +60°C

Temp. distribution accuracy ±2.0°C (at 200°C)

Internal capcaity: 

15.6L IJ101/101W

27L IJ201

43L IJ300

  • Compact model ideal for sample preservation and constant
    temperature testing.
  • CFC free, low vibration, with cooler equipped with peltier
  • The temperature controller with program is used.
  • Option to mount on an air jacket and stack units
  • The observation window of the IJ101W is an environmentally friendly
    combination of energy-saving double-glazing and semi-strengthened glass,
    which prevents unnecessary heat dissipation.
  • Two stacks can be stacked. (Option: Using the stacking rack for
    IJ101/101W/300 and stacking support for IJ201)
  • Enhanced safety with the addition of self-diagnostic functions, auto overheat
    prevention, overheat prevention device and over current circuit breaker.

CO2 Incubator

An extremely stable incubation atmosphere inside the chamber by air jacket or water jacket

  • Eliminating the source of contaminants by HEPA filter circulation (Option)
  • Seamless structure enables easy wiping inside the chamber
  • Excellent heat conductivity by aluminum shelf
  • Alarm function to refill the water for humidification
  • 7 inch color touch panel