Steam Sterilizer

Fully automatic sterilization from start to the end with high pressure steam sterilization followed by “Drying” process

(Laboratory Use, with Drying Process) (SM201 *Limited product for overseas)

Automatic operation from sterilization to drying process can be easily set by the interactive key input system.

Quick sample drying function makes samples ready to use right after sterilization.

Drying temperature can be set depending on the application within the range from 150 to 180℃.

The water level in drain bottle can be easily checked with the level indicator on the front panel.

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Dry Sterilizer

Dry heat sterilization with independent overheat prevention device


Features of Dry Sterilizer (Laboratory use) (SK401)


  • Programmable

  • High precision controller with improved display visibility and operability

  • Standard equipped with calibration offset, lock function, power recovery mode, power on and operation time accumulation, calendar time, accumulation power consumption monitoring, total CO2 emission, and heat output, save and access operator setting information

  • Maximum 99 steps, 99 patterns, repeat operation

  • Easy sample data collection with cable port

Safety features

Standard equipped with self diagnostic

functions, independent overheat prevention

device and earth leakage breaker


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Loop Cinerator

Pt. Ear, Needle is sterilized in combustion tube.


loop Cinerator (SL-21)

Safety operation by heater sterilization.

Only 1/6 heat amount comparing to gas burner.

Good heat-resistance.

Loaded with quartz glass which evenly heatable.

Efficient for big volume and for continuous sterilizing

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