Vacuum oil pump

Safe for continued operation with the integrated thermal protector.

Two-step exhaust system to attain high level vacuum. (Model PD)

Easy to transport. Also ideal for embedding into a unit.

Equipped with an oil stop valve. (PD53/139/204)

Large oil level gauge allows easy check of dirt. (PD53/PD139/204)

Supports multi voltages of 100 to 120V and 200 to 240V. (PD139/204)


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Air cooled dry vacuum pump

A durable air-cooled pump with up to 3 years and beyond maintenance free significantly reduces cost. (3 year maintenance cycle is recommended for clean application such as pumping air or N2 )

Maintenance Free

Non-Contacting internal components

Air Cooled Design

Hassle free and easy installation

Gas ballast mechanism allows water vapor evacuation

Exhaust port location selection is available for either top (vertical) or side (horizontal)


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