Laboratory washer

Washing system

Upper / Middle / Lower-stage rotating jet nozzles

hot water disinfection

any setting temperature up to 93°C.

Reliable cleaning function

Compared to hand washing, it is more uniform and safe to wash and disinfect.

It is possible to rinse at any setting temperature up to 93°C.

The sliding two-stage rack allows you to clean a large number of glassware at a time.

The upper, middle, and lower rotating nozzles showers allow for thorough cleaning.

The detergent is automatically measured and fed into the machine. (liquid detergent)

The jet rack (optional) enables cleaning of flasks and other containers that are difficult to wash inside.

Drying is done by clean warm air with HEPA filter. (AWD510DRY)

Hot water is cooled down to 60°C or less and discharged, so no heat-resistant piping work is required.

Excellent usability

The LED display on the front panel and internal color lighting allow to check for progress from a distance.

Double-glazed windows prevent the surface from becoming hot when disinfecting with hot water.

There is no danger of accidentally opening the door during cleaning due to the electronic lock.


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Ultrasonic pipette washer

Pipet Qty.

1mL 264pcs    5mL 216pcs       10mL 136pcs

High Frequency Output

55W High Frequency

With return current system for smart cleaning efficiency.

Dirty liquid is drained by the force of jet from bottom nozzle for good


Bath basket is spinning constantly for good cleaning.

Compact design.

Washing and rinsing can be done in one washer.

Washable by water-soluble alkaline detergent.