Water Circulator

Cooling water circulator (Externally closed circulation)

Operating temp. range
-10~+60°C CFA302
-10~+80°C CFA611/CFW611
Temp. control accuracy
±0.1°C JTM K05
Temperature fluctuation
0.6°C JIS CFA302
0.4°C JIS CFA611/CFW611

Operating temp. range -10 to 80°C (CFA302: -10 to 60°C), high temp. control accuracy of ±0.1°C Provides precision circulating water.

Powerful cooling capacity as a cooling system. (at a liquid temp. of 10°C, room temp. of 20°C) CFA302 cooling capacity 370W CFA611 cooling capacity 850W CFW611 cooling capacity 1,300W (water-cooled)

The CFA302/611 is an air-cooled type and the CFW611 is a water-cooled type with low heat dissipation from the equipment.

Auto-stop operation, auto-start operation, temperature output terminal, calibration offset function Various support functions, such as the RS485 external communication function, are provided as standard.

High-performance pump (factory-set option) The flow rate and head are improved. (CFA611/CFW611)

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Cooling water circulator (Inverter control)

Operating temp. range
Temp. control accuracy

Refrigeration operation in all temperature ranges/cooling of heat-generating loads at high temperatures (up to +80°C)

It is possible to cool the heat load at high temperatures, which was not possible with conventional products

A compact water tank is used to reduce the amount of circulating liquid, making it economical.

The pipes are all stainless steel and can be used with pure water (A1 level). Nybrine is recommended for use at temperatures below 10°C

Various support functions such as auto stop, auto start and calibration offset functions features as standard. The system also includes functions to monitor energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Data can be sent and received by RS-485 with the external communication function.


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Cooling water circulator (Externally opened circulation, Coolnics series)

Cooling system
Air cooling CTA
Water cooling CTW
Operating temp. range
0~+70°C CTA
-10~+70°C CTW
Temp. adjustment accuracy
Max. Pump flow
8L/min 402(S)/412(S)
11L/min 802(S)/812(S)

Water cooling (CTW) and air cooling (CTA) heat dissipation systems available.

Integrated (CTW402/412/802/812, CTA402/412/802/812) and separated (CTW402S/412S/802S/812S, CTA402S/412S/802S/812S) types selectable.

External open constant temperature water circulator with separate cooling/heating assembly and power control assembly enabling precise control of constant temperature water. It uses a Freon-free cooling system.

RS485 communication function provided as standard and can be centrally managed from a PC. Specifications

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Cooling water circulator (Externally opened circulation, Cool line series)

Operating temp. range
-10°C~RT CLS302
-10~80°C CLH302
-15~80°C CLH401/610

CLS302・CLH302/401/610 CLH401/610

■ CLS302 Low temperature type with an operating temperature range of -10°C to room temperature and a temperature control accuracy of ±1.5 to 2.0°C (refrigerator ON-OFF control)

■ CLH302/401/610 Wide range and precision temperature control with an accuracy of ±0.1°C for use from -10°C (-15°C) to 80°C (refrigerator+heater control).

The flow rate of the circulation pump can be set freely by using a flow adjustment valve.

The flow sensor detects the low flow rate of the piping system, turns on the alarm lamp to stop operation and protect the device.

Quick auto stop, auto stop, auto start operation, and Various functions such as calibration offset function, temperature output terminal, RS485 external communication function, etc. It is equipped as standard.

Safety features Self-diagnostic function, overcurrent leak breaker, key lock function, power failure compensation function, low-flow monitoring, etc. refrigeration monitoring, refrigeration operation indicator, delay timer function for refrigeration protection, flow rate error, high pressure error, etc.


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