Water Purifier

Water purifier (Auto Still series)

Distilled Water Production
Purified water
Distilled high-purity water /
Deionized water
Water quality
ASTM D1193 Type 1
Distilled water
JIS K0557 A4
Deionized water
  • Continuous production of high purity deionized and distilled water (Resistivity 18Ω or more, Level JIS A4/ASTM D1193 Type1) kept in a 30L storage tank.

    • High purity water integrated system with Sterilizing UV lamp, Pretreatment cartridge, Ion exchange resin cartridge, High purity cartridge

    • Membrane filter and distilled water circulation system.

    • Easy-to-use tray for product water intake (with drainage).

    • Multi-functional control and display panel.

    • Feed and drain can be connected on both sides and installed anywhere.

    • Easy maintenance as most consumables can be easily attached and


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Water purifier (Ion-exchange, Pure line series)

Type 1 (ASTM D 1193) / A4 (JIS K 0057) level purity benchtop water purifier (WE200)

Lower running cost

By adopting reverse osmosis (RO) membrane cartridge set, life span of consumables has been expanded significantly

Benchtop type, space saving

Easy water sampling by attaching to water faucet

Easy to operate digital display

Displays replacement of consumables and its exchange history

Standard equipped with membrane filter to protect pure water production from contamination

Electromagnetic valve equipped at sampling water port for leakage prevention

Universal power supply: works with 240 or 120VAC


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Water purifier (Ion-exchange, Labo cube series)

Purifying Method
Purified Water
Deionized water
Specific Resistance
17MΩ・cm or more
Water Quality
Deionized water

water purifier ideal for washing; can be installed under a fume hood or sink,or on a table

  • Deionized water compliant with JIS K 0557 A4 level, suitable for high sensitivity trace analysis

  • Easy operating digital display

  • Standard equipped with membrane filter at water feeding

  • Equipped with water leak detection function that stops water supply in case water leak occurs, by activating the electric leakage breaker

  • Displays replacement of consumables

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