Distillation, Flash point & Oxidation Stability

Anton Paar GmbH


Advanced automatic distillation unit performs highly accurate boiling range analysis of petroleum products, solvents, and other volatile organic liquids. The innovative user interface, high safety standards, and excellent volume detection are the key to perfect results, lasting operator satisfaction, and cost savings

Flash Point

At which temperatures will your sample burn, ignite, or cause fire? How are your flammable liquids composed, and what are their properties? Volatility is directly related to a substance‘s flash point temperature (flammability). Our point testing equipment safely and easily determines the values you require for the processing, transportation, storage and classification of dangerous liquids.

Oxidation Stability & Cold Flow Properties

These instruments enable you to evaluate the oxidation stability as well as the storage and thermal stability of mineral oil products or oil and fat containing cosmetics and food samples. Cold flow properties (cold filter plugging point and cloud and pour point) show the lowest temperature for a trouble-free operation of diesel fuel or heating oil.

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